Village youth mobilize disaster relief - 3rd anniversary of Morakot disaster

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Many tribal villages throughout Taitung County have ‘Youth Associations’, members usually constituting the younger portion of the tribe, anyone from teenagers to those in their thirties. Traditionally these associations would be responsible for defending the tribe, but nowadays they have a different role to play in village life. Three years ago, many of these youth associations participated in the disaster relief effort that was launched following the destruction of Typhoon Morakot. It was through this cooperation that the associations built a lasting bond and emerged as a strong inter-tribal youth force. 

Youth association members from Taimali Township’s Lalaulan Tribe and Daren Township’s Aljungic Tribe were quick to get involved in the disaster relief effort, not only taking care of their own tribes but also of neighboring tribes, providing assistance in both the delivering of supplies and in the massive cleanup operation. This family spirit inspired many other tribal youth associations who similarly joined the inter-tribal relief efforts. In the past three years, through inter-tribal support and learning, the East Paiwan tribal associations have united together to safeguard their homeland. United together they have become an important force in administering over tribal public affairs and various other tribal operations.

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Village youth mobilize disaster relief - 3rd anniversary of Morakot disaster (by CJ NCCU Online)




動員救災 串起跨部落青年力量 八八風災三周年_凝聚篇 ( 政在發聲(NCCU Online )

台東縣許多部落都有「青年會」,從十幾歲青少年到30多歲中壯年都有,傳統上應是部落最有力量的自衛組織,但現況下各部落運作優劣有別。三年前莫拉克風災部落青年參與救災,意外的激發了跨部落青年力量大集結。太麻里鄉新香蘭青年會和達仁鄉安朔青年會的青年,在救災第一時間,除了照顧自己部落外,更集體協助隔鄰部落拉送物資、整理環境。這種「人溺己溺」的精神,感染不少其他部落青年,紛紛加入跨部落救災行列。 三年來,東排灣部落青年會都已自發的串連起來,守護自己家園,也相互跨部落支援、學習,成為部落公共事務行動最重要的力量。




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Village youth mobilize disaster relief - 3rd anniversary of Morakot disaster