PeoPo Open House Activity Satiates Novice Citizen Journalists

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PeoPo Open House Activity Satiates Novice Citizen Journalists


PeoPo Open House activities provide novice CJs with an introduction to the PeoPo citizen journalism platform. Novice CJs are invited along to PTS studios where in addition to learning about the general production and broadcasting environment at PTS, they also learn the ins and outs of the production process at PeoPo. This is a truly wonderful opportunity to meet new CJ acquaintances and build camaraderie, as well as to learn some useful editing and filming tips.

On 25th January 2013, the first Open House activity was held, giving novice CJs the opportunity of witnessing the production and broadcasting process of news programs first-hand. CJs were given the thrilling opportunity to take turns standing in the shoes of the anchor and peer into the camera. The Open House activity opened up the PeoPo offices and welcomed CJs to take a peek at the recording location of the two on-line programs, ‘PeoPo webcast’ and ‘Guest-Editor’. Many of the CJs enjoyed filming their tour of PTS, where they saw PTS staff at work and got acquainted with operations at the television station. At the PeoPo platform, friendly staff gave a comprehensive explanation of how the platform operates and publishes reports.

While the PeoPo News anchor shared her valuable experience with CJs and taught them useful interview skills, novice CJs did not forget to take notes and immediately raised questions when there was a point they never understood. With a teaching process full of fun and laughter, the whole day was cloaked in a wonderfully warm atmosphere. The day’s activities left these novice CJs brimming with enthusiasm and equipped to take their newly learned skills the length and breadth of Taiwan, ensuring important grassroots issues are not neglected. In order not too miss out on up-and-coming Open House activities, the PeoPo team would like to remind all novice CJs that the on-line registration system makes participation just a click away.


PeoPo Open House活動 新手公民記者收穫滿滿


為了讓新進的公民記者更加認識PeoPo公民新聞平台,以及學習製作公民新聞的一些小撇步,PeoPo定期舉辦Open House活動,所謂的Open House就是敞開大門邀請公民記者朋友到公共電視來走一趟,了解們製播的環境,也彼此互相認識加油打氣,並且學習一些剪輯或者是拍片的小撇步。

2013年第一場Open House在1月25日舉辦,新手公民記者第一次現場觀看新聞節目的製播流程,大家輪流往站在鏡頭前,體驗當主播的感覺,都覺得非常新鮮有趣。Open House活動開放PeoPo的辦公室,歡迎公民記者觀看「PeoPo webcast」與「客座總編輯」兩個網路節目的錄影現場,也帶著大家參觀公視,解說電視台的運作,近距離的看著工作人員操作,新手公民記者們都很認真用手上的錄影器材記錄一切。透過PeoPo人員的現場講解,公民記者也學習如何操作PeoPo平台、發表公民報導。


而PeoPo公民新聞報的主持人也現身說法,傳授採訪功夫,新手公民記者們不忘筆記,有問題也馬上發問,現場氣氛非常熱絡,學習過程充滿笑聲。一個下午的活動,讓公民記者生力軍帶著收穫滿載而歸。也希望透過公民記者的鏡頭,讓全台各地角落裡被忽略的議題,能夠有更多人關心。PeoPo的Open House活動,接下來還有許多場次,歡迎更多新加入的公民記者,上網報名參加。


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PeoPo Open House Activity Satiates Novice Citizen Journalists