Din Tao’s Jyou-Tian and Qimei kids make drumming tour of island

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After the kids of Qimei Juior High decided to promote the arts and realize their own drumming dreams, the powerful war drums that featured in the movie Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (陣頭) could be heard echoing throughout Qimei. Under the tutelage of Zeng De-wei, head of Jyou-Tian Folk Drum and Arts Group (九天民俗技藝團), the kids completed their ‘Longing for Qimei’ tour. Jyou-Tian drummer Shue Chen-rong (許振榮) as well as Din Tao actors Lizi (梨子), A-fei (阿肥) and A-yuan (阿羱) all personally attended the performance in Penghu’s Qimei, where they accompanied these Qimei kids to complete their drumming mission. Local residents were also invited along to get first-hand experience of drumming.

On the day of the performance, the children’s drumming group first congregated together at school, where they put in last minute rehearsals. After this, the San-Tai-Tzu (三太子) escorted the children to a number of important island locations including: Big Lion (大獅); Dragon Jar (龍埕); and Crouching Bull (臥牛), to complete the war drum performances. This was closely followed by the group’s arrival at Nanhu Pier (南滬港碼頭), where Din Tao actors performed a series of drumming sets, winning warm applause from the audience. Seeing their children give such outstanding performances, many of the parents were moved to tears, and enthusiastically donated money to the school to pay the arrears on the set of newly purchased drums. Shue Chen-rong, founder of Jyou-Tian Folk Drum and Arts Group said that the children were quite extraordinary, and provided that they are given the opportunity to perform on stage, they will no doubt go on to shine.

Zeng De-wei, head of Jyou-Tian combined seven drum movements with seven locations to bring a unified performance. He not only looks forward to future performances from the children, where they can exhibit their unique talent on stage, but also hopes that through the war drum performances, many more people will be attracted to the culture and scenery of Qimei.


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Din Tao’s Jyou-Tian and Qimei kids make drumming tour of island








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Din Tao’s Jyou-Tian and Qimei kids make drumming tour of island