After 14 years of struggle, Xie Mei-li finally becomes a teacher

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Despite the fact that Cai Chong-an from Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County, has suffered from polio since childhood, he has never once become despondent or given up hope. After graduating from school, he travelled north in search of work, and 15 years later, returned home to take over from his mother in the family’s beef-noodle shop. With the help of a friend’s introduction, the following year he traveled to Indonesia to meet his future wife Xie Mei-li.

Over the past 14 years, Xie Mei-li has gone from a non-speaker of Chinese to an Indonesian language teacher at Dingliu Elementary School. Her achievement today has only been possible through incredible endurance and overcoming a great deal of frustration. Xie Mei-li attended adult language classes and mother-language teacher training classes for countless years, courageously accepting myriad challenges. The sensibility and cleverness of Xie Mei-li and Cai Chong-an’s children is their biggest comfort.

After outstanding performance at school, their eldest daughter Cai Yu-chen was presented with a recommendation for Chiayi County’s President Educational Award. Backed with the full support of her family, Xie Mei-li’s 14-year struggle to successfully fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher is a touching story filled with all the joys and sorrows of life.


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After 14 years of struggle, Xie Mei-li finally becomes a teacher