Teacher Yu Su-hua opens children’s moral character class

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Yu Shu-hua, commonly known as ‘a bunch of flowers’ by her students, teaches at a children’s community classroom in Sanchong District, New Taipei City. The study group, which puts great emphasis on moral character, often recites works from the classical Chinese poetry collection, the Book of Songs (詩經). Formerly a junior high school Mathematics teacher, Yu Shu-hua used to only focus on achieving high grades and never once contemplated trying to understand the minds of children. It was not until one day, when a particular student’s situation made teacher Yu feel ashamed, did she begin to contemplate what more could be done for the children.

In order to provide after-school tutoring to children in need, after deciding on the objective of directing her teaching towards moral education, teacher Yu utilized her own salary and took a loan to rent an apartment. Over the years, teacher Yu has not only been falsely accused of illegally operating a cram school, she has even faced criticism from local residents because of teaching ‘problem’ children from other neighborhoods. However, regardless of these difficulties, she has never once given up, and has one-by-one overcome all the challenges that have been thrown at her.

After community residents witnessed the gradual improvement of so-called ‘problem children’ in the area, the wave of local opinion changed and locals began to support the initiative. Teacher Yu has been running her study class for over 18 years, and has had the pleasure of observing children passing through her classes and return to provide assistance with the younger children, while on the verge of graduating from university. In the eyes of teacher Yu, the greatest pleasure is to see children mature and blossom. 


Teacher Yu Su-hua opens children’s moral character class






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Teacher Yu Su-hua opens children’s moral character class