‘Flipped Classroom’– a small educational revolution

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Following the implementation of ‘flipped classrooms’ at Taitung’s Taoyuan Elementary School, the children have become the main force behind the school’s educational emphasis, allowing the children to learn from asking questions. School principle Zhen Han-Wen (鄭漢文) implemented internet-based educational platforms, which allow the children to learn at their own pace through the use of game systems.

As a third grade teacher, and also part of the first wave of Junyi Academy (均一教育) teachers at Taoyuan Elementary School, Yang Yi-Wen (楊貽雯) believes she has seen a clear increase in the children’s joy of learning. With the new style of lessons, the children can’t wait for the next challenge in their Math lesson, and if there’s a question they can’t solve, small prompts on the screen together with video tutorials become the teacher. The class teacher does not provide any special guidance, instead walking amongst the students to facilitate opportunities for the children to discuss progress with one another.

Game-based teaching materials help stimulate children’s interest, whilst at the same time avoiding vicious competition or making children feel inferior. Fourth-grade teacher Lin Xing-hui (林幸慧) expressed that she is currently helping students implement their own study pace and understand their own potential; each and every student is different, and so students must learn to respect differences and avoid trying to be the same as others. 

Because the students now feel that the lessons are just like playing games, when the school bell rings, they are so focused on their studies they can’t bear to stop. Once children find their own way of learning and growing in the classroom, the teacher’s role also changes. Teacher Lin Xing-hui expressed that teachers must clearly understand what goals they want the children to achieve before designing the lesson.

Only then will children studying in a ‘Flipped Classroom’ have the interest to study; this interest helps the children feel that the studies really belong to them, and are not something they have merely learnt from a textbook. 

‘Flipped Classroom’– a small educational revolution



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‘Flipped Classroom’– a small educational revolution