When fish and vegetables became family!

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Walking into Linkou Aquaponics Demonstration Farm (林口魚菜共生展示農場) it becomes abundantly clear than this is no ordinary “farm”; the biggest difference is that the usual pond and soil are nowhere to be seen! The fish are raised in giant containers and the vegetables are grown in beds floating on the water – you don’t even need to touch the earth at harvest time, as the vegetables are simply harvested with a pair of scissors. 

The concept of “aquaponics” has become increasingly popular in Taiwan in recent years. Put simply, the accumulation of fish excrement in water is a lethal substance to fish, but through filtration and decomposition, this waste sediment is transformed into food nutrients that are absorbed by plants – during the process, plants also help to purify the water. By recycling water, aquaponics does not produce any waste products and therefore does not pollute the environment.

This means that this novel system can effectively solve a number of water issues present in large-scale “aquaculture” and “hydroponics” operations, and is in line with the concept of environmental sustainability. Interestingly, these fish and vegetable aquaponic systems can vary greatly in size and don’t require the purchase of expensive high-tech equipment. Whether it is in the family setting or at school, as long as a suitable space is available, one can create a rural environment to farm for fun or for ecological educational purposes. On top of all this, you can also enjoy eating healthy, clean food.

When fish and vegetables became family!







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When fish and vegetables became family!