Zhudong Report 07 – Bamboo Chopsticks

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Chinese New Year has almost arrived! Apart from money, what else do you plan on giving your family? In his youth, the now 92-years-old Gu Sheng-qian lived with his poor family in the mountainous area of Ruifeng in Hsinchu. A journey to the local town was long and arduous, and so, from the tender age of just 12, he learned the art of fashioning chopsticks and household furniture from Makino bamboo. Following the traditional Chinese custom of replacing the old with the new, each year as the family gets together for its annual reunion Gu family members discard their old chopsticks for newly fashioned ones.

Of course today there is a great selection of cheap high-quality chopsticks on the market, but the Gu family insists on carving them by hand. The chopsticks, which are unlike the sharply pointed chopsticks commonly seen today, are rectangular around the section used for gripping and slowly taper into an elegantly rounded tip for clutching food – both convenient for eating and helping to retain the traditional shape of chopsticks.

So, ahead of the end-of-year family reunion, Mr Gu’s son Gu Rui-lin, makes his yearly trip to the surrounding mountains in search of three to four year Makino bamboo which is first sawn, cut and planed into chopsticks before being boiled and sun-dried. Only then are the chopsticks ready for the Gu family chopstick ceremony on Chinese New Year’s Eve, where the old are replaced with the new – each grown-up sibling receives a dozen brand-spanking new chopsticks.

Zhudong Report 07 – Bamboo Chopsticks (the warmest inheritance) (by CJ tlhsusow)





竹東圳訪查07-竹筷(最溫馨的傳承) ( 海茄苳 )




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Zhudong Report 07 – Bamboo Chopsticks