Mr Mao’s tricycle

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Recently on her way home from work, citizen journalist ellenlee spotted Mr Mao Zhone-ren slowly peddling his tricycle, carrying his severely mentally handicapped daughter Yu-ying. Mr Mao took early retirement in 2002 after his workplace began to adversely affect his health and from that point began caring for his handicapped daughter Yu-yin full time. At present, the family relies on Mrs Mao’s intermittent part-time waitressing and dishwashing work to make ends meet. The small van Mr Mao formerly used to transport his daughter Yu-yin was damaged two years ago in the floods of Typhoon Morakot. Mr Mao sold a three-wheeled motorcycle he had and after adding a little money managed to buy his current tricycle for the specific purpose of taking his daughter to school and for exercise. When the citizen journalist put away the camera, the sadness and struggle over so many years was plain to see on Mr Mao’s face.

The ever-worsening condition of his daughter Yu-yin’s scoliosis means that even short walks leave her stooped over in pain. Her vertebral deterioration has also caused Yu-yin to develop one leg longer that the other – this means she must deal with these physical problems in addition to her mental challenges. One would imagine that with such suffering Yu-yin would be eligible for government assistance that could provide a walker or wheelchair, but on the family’s first approach to a local hospital to apply for such assistance they were nonchalantly rebuffed by the first doctor.

The family has no alternative but to grin and bear it, and continue to struggle forward with life. Right now, the most pressing issue for Mr Mao is to find a canopy for the tricycle that will provide a shelter from the blistering heat of the sun as well as shelter from the wind and rain. Mr Mao also hopes that the community at large can find the love within to lend a helping hand.

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Mr Mao’s tricycle (by ellenlee)



毛爸爸的三輪車 ( ellenlee ) 





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Mr Mao’s tricycle