Following Mazu with a joyous heart

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The third month of the lunar calendar is crazy Mazu time, when the Da Jia Jenn Lann of Taichung holds nine days and eight nights of spectacular activities that travel around the district. The people lined the roads and squeezed into the narrow gap below the palanquin to receive the auspicious blessings of Mazu. This annual moving Mazu festival sees the participation of tens of thousands of people who are given the opportunity to make sincere connections with friends, strangers and even with the Gods.

A number of citizen journalists recorded this year’s event where they walked step by step with Mazu capturing the joy and sincerity of all those participating. Walking with the procession the citizen journalists discovered many touching stories had the chance to become acquainted with many interesting folk customs. For example, a red thread issued by Mazu can bestow good luck on single men and women to help them find a suitable partner, and sucking on the nipple of the Santai Zi can help youngsters grow up obedient and safe. Last but not least is the highlight of the event, Zuan Jial Di (to squeeze into the narrow gap below the palanquin), where one can receive auspicious blessings and protection from the Gods.


PeoPo 公民新聞


PeoPo 公民新聞


PeoPo 公民新聞


PeoPo 公民新聞


PeoPo 公民新聞








Following Mazu with a joyous heart (by CJ imaho)


The annual Mazu circling of the area is here again (by CJ pumc)
Record – Mazu comes out


Beigang Chao-Tian Temple’ Holy Mother circles the area – Student Song Jiang-chen offer their art


Beigang Chao-Tian Temple’ Holy Mother circles the area –
Beigang Township – the city that never sleeps (by CJ

Third month Mazu madness –Hsinkang people welcome the Gods (by CJ e-news)




用歡喜心跟著媽祖遶境去 ( 我是阿和 )( imaho)

一年一的媽祖遶境 又來了 ( 靜宜大傳 )( pumc)

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北港朝天宮聖母遶境 學生宋江陣獻藝 心跳‧台灣-08 ( 單車小賢 )

北港朝天宮聖母遶境-北港不夜城 ( 單車小賢 )

信徒三月瘋媽祖 新港萬人迎聖駕 ( 中正E報 ) (e-news)

農曆三月瘋媽祖,台中大甲鎮瀾宮媽祖為期九天八夜的遶境活動,場面浩大。沿途的民眾夾道接駕,大排長龍鑽轎底,期望媽祖保佑。媽祖遶境在是台灣每年都有數十萬人參與,沿途都可以看見人跟神明、甚至是陌生人之間最真誠的互動。多位公民記者記錄這次的活動,跟著媽祖的腳步確確實實地踩在路上,有著真誠,歡喜心自然湧上。 公民記者也發現,跟著媽祖遶境可以親身感受很多感人故事,以及發現有趣的風俗民情。例如「報馬仔」發放的紅線可以讓很多未婚男女得到好姻緣、「三太子」含過的奶嘴可以讓家中小孩乖乖長大,而「鑽轎底」更是重頭戲,可以祈福解運。



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Following Mazu with a joyous heart