Chiayi’s Ling Ming-chien establishes West Coast House

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West Coast House, established by a group of National Chiayi University students and citizens, specializes in taking care of one to three week old kittens. Ling Ming-chien the person in charge of West Coast House is currently a student at National Chiayi University. He has not only established this important halfway house, but also brought TNR and medical expertise into Chiayi City. Ling Ming-chien cooperated with animal rights activists from outside of the city, where the activists provided supplies and Ling Ming-chien provided his expertise. With this teamwork, the West Coast House slowly became a reality. Ling Ming-chien, who readily admits he went astray as a teenager, slowly began channeling his raw energy into caring for stray cats, and working as a mentor in a juvenile delinquents center with the hope of helping inmates find direction in life. Formally, Ling Ming-chien had a period when he dropped out of studies, but when it comes to caring for animals or people, this young 26-year-old is far beyond the average person. Having real experience of what it means to stray from the straight and narrow, now Ling Ming-chien is very clear about just what he wants from life, and is diligently striving to make that dream a reality.

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Chiayi’s Ling Ming-chien establishes West Coast House



嘉大林明謙 創立貓中途工作室 ( 中正E報 )

西濱工作室是由十多位嘉義大學學生及社會人士組成,專門照顧一週到三週大的幼貓。工作室負責人林明謙目前是嘉義大學的學生,除了創立中途之家,更將TNR 及醫療救援等技術帶入嘉義。林明謙與外縣市的動保組織合作,由動保組織提供物資,林明謙提供技術,兩者互惠下,西濱中途工作室就此慢慢成形。曾是邊緣少年 的林明謙,除了關懷流浪貓,也曾前往少年監獄擔任引導員,希望幫助其他人找到生命的方向。二十六歲的林明謙,雖然求學過程曾經中斷,但對於動物及青少年的 關懷,卻遠超越一般人。因為曾經走岔,所以現在的他,更知道自己的未來要的是什麼,並努力向前。




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Chiayi’s Ling Ming-chien establishes West Coast House