Turning beer cans into art

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Chen You-zong’s is a member of the ‘Eight Generals’ at the Golden Lotus Temple in Madou Dist., Tainan. The story of his creative genius is a rather smoky one! One day while drinking, he and his friends needed an ashtray, and it was then that Chen You-zong decided to fashion an ashtray from an empty beer can. His friends were pleasantly surprised and complemented him on his ingenuity. This encouragement was the catalyst that fueled Chen You-zong’s aluminum-can art career. Chen You-zong’s involvement in the temple and the Eight Generals means that a large part of his work centers around these areas.

Surprisingly, after he started turning empty beer cans into pieces of art, he almost completely stopped drinking, so nowadays the empty beer cans are provided by friends. Chen You-zong’s work really began being noticed after he started attending street activities where he could display his work. Recently, Huji Temple in Madou began fundraising activities in order to carry out much needed restoration work to the temple. Chen You-zong kindly put some of his work on sale at one such event giving all proceeds to the temple.

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Turning beer cans into art (by CJ claudia)
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酒瓶變手創工藝品 ( claudia )

台南麻豆金蓮寺八家將的成員陳佑宗,有一次因為與朋友喝酒時,臨時找不到煙灰缸,就將啤酒瓶隨意剪成煙灰缸,朋友看到後,覺得很漂亮,陳佑宗感覺受到鼓 勵,就這樣開啟了創作鐵鋁罐。陳佑宗是八家將的成員,熟悉廟宇的人物及各項慶典活動,所以創作的主題,以八家將的人物及相關慶典為主,真正創作後,反而少 喝酒了,所需要的材料,全由朋友到處收集協助。陳佑宗的創作,也受到了大家的注意,他也開始參加街頭藝人的擺攤活動,受到大家的喜愛。最近麻豆護濟宮要募 款修建古廟,陳佑宗加入了義賣的行列,現場所擺設的品非常的精緻,總是圍繞很多人觀看。




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Turning beer cans into art