The Erlun liquor God - Liao Mao-Sheng!

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This high stack of empty bottles probably numbers somewhere in the region of 3000. If we add the bottles that Mr. Liao Mao-Sheng (廖茂盛) has discarded over the years, the number may amount to over 7000! This year Mr. Liao, who incidentally prefers to drink alone, is a ripe 86 years old and for as far back as he cares to remember has drunk the same amount at roughly the same time each day.

After learning of the man dubbed ‘Erlun liquor God’, on the morning of the 17th, factory director Mr. Zhang Yong-Zhi (張永志), the man in charge of producing Bamboo Leaf Longevity Wine (竹葉青酒) at Chiayi Distillery (嘉義酒廠), decided to pay Mr. Liao a visit and present him with a special Bamboo Leaf Longevity Wine gift set. Mr. Liao’s granddaughter said that her grandfather changed to Bamboo Leaf Longevity Wine when he was around 60 years old, and on average drinks a bottle of the wine each day - partaking in a tipple at lunch and before dinner. From this we can calculate that 7000 bottles is no exaggeration! However, Mr. Liao’s drinking ability is not the only thing which is legendary; his persistence on routine is something very few of us could match. For example: he never drinks over his limit; he always consumes the same amount at the same time each day; he never makes a clamor after drinking; he does not drink in groups; he never drinks common liquor. This incredible consistency has earned Mr. Liao Mao-Sheng the name of ‘The Erlun liquor God’, on par with the famous Tang Dynasty poet LiBai. Liao’s granddaughter added that the family has a history of gout, and therefore other alcoholic drinks may lead to physical discomfort for her grandfather. Perhaps this was the main reason Mr. Liao changed his tipple to the healthier Bamboo Leaf Longevity Wine.

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The Erlun liquor God - Liao Mao-Sheng!



二崙酒仙廖茂盛 影音 ( 公義使者 )


生 產竹葉青酒的嘉義酒廠張永志廠長,在獲悉雲林縣二崙鄉民廖茂盛的傳奇飲酒風格後,17日上午特別帶了二份竹葉青酒禮盒前來拜訪廖老先生。廖家孫女說:阿公 60歲才改喝竹葉青酒,阿公平均一天喝一瓶酒,分別於中餐、晚餐前飲用。按此推算,堆積的酒瓶超過7000支,真是一點都不為過。別看老先生的進酒人生很 傳奇,但他有別人無法做到的堅持,例如:不過量(定時定量)、酒後不喧譁、不成群結黨、不喝花酒,他因此在地方贏得現代李白「酒聖、酒仙」的稱號。廖家孫 女也說,由於家族有痛風史的病例,阿公喝其他酒類就可能引發身體不適,這或許也是阿公選擇飲用藥酒的主要原因吧。




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The Erlun liquor God - Liao Mao-Sheng!